About us

Sober, simple, austere; in a respectful rescue of the past, with clear objectives for the future; With practically a century of existence, today it works with a name that in some way pays homage to the tall and thin native peoples, Huarpes Milcaya, the great conductors of water, who transformed the desert into a garden and who left their traces in Cruz de Piedra. .

A warm place dedicated entirely to the field of production, to which advanced technology has been incorporated, all in accordance with the sought-after level that allows us to achieve the optimum varietal expression in Premium wines; everything coexists with serenity without any bombast.

We are a winery that produces limited batches, uniting our technical and human resources to carry out a policy that has been our commitment from the beginning: QUALITY BEFORE QUANTITY

Luis Martinez - Winemaker in our team since 2002.
Alejandro Compagnucci - Sommelier in our team since 2010.